Collaboration is the key to achieving great results in the tourism industry. For this reason, Gympie Cooloola Tourism encourages active engagement between industry partners and stakeholders. Gympie Cooloola Tourism works closely with a range of government and industry bodies to develop and promote tourism throughout the region.




Exclusive Members Area integrated into the GCT Website

GCT has an exclusive section for members which acts as a ’one stop shop’ for all your tourism and business needs. The members area has 9 key areas including Industry News, Workshops and Seminars, Business Development, Legal Compliance, Research and Statistics, Marketing and Media, Human Resources, Corporate Documents as well as Partners and Projects. This function was released in May 2014. cooloola




Business Publications

GCT'a Business Publications include a Media Pack, Government and Tourism Contacts Publication and Marketing Opportunities Publication. These documents are available for GCT members. cooloola




Earthcheck Accreditation

GCT is partnering with EC3 Global to offer members free accreditation via Earthcheck, under the EC3 Global Business Ready Program.




Caravan RV & Accommodation Accreditation

GCT is partnering with Caravan RV & Accommodation Industry of Australia (CRVA) to offer members a 10% discount off the first year’s Accreditation fees.




Ecotourism Australia Accreditation

GCT is partnering with Ecotourism Australia is offering GCT Members a complimentary one-hour coaching session for each new applicant to assist with the certification application process.




Star Rating Accreditation

GCT is partnering with AAA Tourism to offer non-star rated GCT members a special 15 month Licence and waiver of the $100 Application fee via the STAR Rating Program.





Industry Development - Service Skills Australia Workforce Futures program

GCT has partnered with Service Skills Australia under the Workforce Futures program to bring National Workforce Development Fund opportunities to the Gympie Cooloola Region as well as jobs skills advisors to work with Business owners.






Business Development - Service Skills Australia Labour Exchange

GCT has partnered with Service Skills Australia to offer members who have difficulty retaining staff because of seasonality, the opportunity to express an interest in a seasonal labour exchange.Service Skills Aust




Business Development - University of the Sunshine Coast Internship program

GCT is partnering with the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) to offer GCT members the opportunity to host a business intern. Internships are available in any of the major business degree programs on offer in the Faculty of Arts and Business. This program will allow members the opportunity to have short-term projects staffed and completed whilst gaining new insight and ideas for their business.USC




Business Development - University of the Sunshine Coast Innovative Technologies Assessment

GCT has also partnered with USC to have Students report on the use of innovative technologies in as social media, service quality innovation, or marketing innovation in the business environment. This program allowed members the opportunity to have the effectiveness of innovative technologies assessed whilst gaining fresh knowledge and ideas for their business. USC





Australia Nature Coast Partner

GCT has partnered with Sunshine Coast Destination, Fraser Coast Tourism, Noosa Tourism, Great Sandy Biosphere, Noosa Biosphere to develop the collective region’s international presence as a nature based experience.  The Chairman of Tourism Australia launched the ANC concept at the Australia Tourism Exchange (ATE) in 2013. Dollar for Dollar funding was successfully applied for from Tourism and Events Queensland and a budget to date of $150,000 has been achieved.









Training and Skills Development

GCT writes projects to gain external funding to allow training to support those involved or supporting the tourism industry and business owners. The most recent training upskilled volunteers who give their time freely to developing marketing collateral, projects and maintaining web sites and facebook pages for communities and towns in relation to tourism and business promotion. Some 30 organisation benefited from the training outcomes. training






GCT has commenced to undertake research in relation to various areas of the local tourism industry. This information will be used to identify gaps in the industry and will be shared with members when completed and analysed. cooloola




Industry Engagement and Feedback

GCT will be engaging and working with its members to identify industry issues and develop responses to resolve or assist. Engagement with members will be in the form of industry sector groups, networking sessions and individual responses. cooloola




Bronze Membership - Sunshine Coast Destination (SCDL)

In January 2013, GCT initiated the purchase of Bronze Membership status for all our members with SCDL including the out of region surcharge. This project was an initiative to provide support for GCT members through the tourism transition period. This project is now achieved. bronze-membership




Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) Subscription

In January 2013, GCT partnered with Sunshine Coast Destination, Gympie Regional Council and ATDW to equally fund one year’s subscription to ATDW for GCT members. This was to allow GCT members to appear on SCDL and GRC tourism websites. This has been another strategy to support our members through the tourism transition period. This project is now achieved. ATDW-Membership




Tin Can Bay / Rainbow Beach Billboard refurbishment.

GCT has committed funds towards the refurbishment of this important shared billboard for these two regions. This project is now achieved. Tin-Can-Bay




Tin Can Bay TV Cooperative

GCT is a financial partner in this cooperative marketing campaign. This project is now achieved. Tin-Can-Bay





Rainbow Beach TV Cooperative Campaign

GCT initially administered this project and committed funding as a partner. GCT is now only a financial partner in this cooperative marketing campaign to promote the Rainbow Beach area. This project is now achieved.Rainbow beach cooperative




Conservation Volunteers Australia RBB Project

GCT contributed to the tourism training aspect of this CVA Rainbow Beach project. This project is now achieved. Conservation-Volunteers