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Gympie Region Heritage Trails

The Gympie Region Heritage Trails web website is packed full of interesting details about the Gympie, Mary Valley, Cooloola Coast, Goomeri & Kilkivan. Take a journey back in time and explore the Gympie Regions rich history which included gold mining, dairy, beef, timber, farming, rail & many more iconic attractions and events that shaped the region into what it is today!

Heritage City Gympie

Restored buildings from the gold rush era add character and charm to Gympie. Take a heritage walk or drive past traditional shop fronts and historic buildings to view glorious examples of 19th century architecture. Gympie’s Town Hall, built in 1890 is situated on the spot of the original gold strike by James Nash. Built in 1873, the Land’s Office Building was the first to be erected on the gold fields, and is now the home of the Australian Institute Of Country Music on Channon Street. Other magnificent examples includes the Stock Exchange, court House and Smithfield Chambers buildings. Gympie was home to Queensland’s first eleven licensed pubs brought on by the gold rush. Built in 1870 the Mount Pleasant Hotel is Gympie’s oldest pub still in its original building. Soak up the city’s historic ambience at one of Gympie’s many charming hotels. Log onto and look under “Maps & Guides” for details.

Heritage Mary Street, Gympie

After gold was found at Nash’s Gully, a double line of prospectors’ tents sprung up along the sides of the bank. Over time, Mary Street has transformed into a picturesque shopping space. More recently, the street has now been converted to a single lane with wide paths and shady trees. Mary Street offers a fantastic blend of shopping, heritage and nearby parkland. Browse through Mary Street’s extensive selection of specialty shops, which include jewelers, boutiques and shoe stores alongside cafes and banks. View colourful mosaics, which tell the stories of the city’s history. From Mary Street, wander through the ceramic theatres of war in Memorial Lane to Memorial Park. Stroll Through manicured gardens to the historic rotunda or enjoy a picnic under the shady trees. Memorial Park boasts a fabulous display of jacaranda flowers in the springtime. Rainbow Lorikeet parrots feed and roost in the treetops of the park.

Gold Mining Museum, Gympie

Experience Gympie’s gold rush and 144 years of history during a visit to Gympie’s Gold Mining Historical Museum. The museum houses memorabilia from the early gold mining era, as well as displays showcasing rural, military, hospital, transport, communications and steam development in Australia. Pan for gold and keep the gold you find! Dine in the museum café or pack a picnic and relax in Lake Alford’s extensive park, which surrounds the museum.

Woodworks Museum, Gympie

The Woodworks Museum, situated just north of Gympie, provides a fascinating insight into the role of forestry and timber in Queensland from their colonial beginnings up to the 1950’s. View a significant collection including pioneering hand tools, equipment and associated transport.

Mount Clara Chimney, Kilkivan

Perhaps the oldest surviving mining industry chimney in Queensland, the restored Mount Clara Chimney is a fifty-foot high structure used for smelting copper for export during the mineral boom of the 1870’s. On Rossmore Road, eleven kilometers southeast of Kilkivan, the chimney shows incredible workmanship. Built using local stone of all shapes and sizes, the chimney is a popular attraction for those interested in old mineral workings.